Professor Yan

Department of Chemical Biology,
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,
Xiamen University, Xiamen, Fujian 361005, China.

Tel: (86) 0592-2184519

Fax: (86) 0592-2189959

Email: xmyan@xmu.edu.cn


Brief Introductions

The Yan Laboratory focuses on the development of advanced instrumentation and methodologies for Analytical/Bioanalytical Chemistry and Chemical Biology. In particular, by integrating light scattering with techniques for single-molecule fluorescence detection in a sheathed flow, we have developed nano-flow cytometry (nFCM) that achieves real-time light scattering detection of single extracellular vesicles, viruses, silica beads, and gold nanoparticles as small as 40 nm, 27 nm, 24 nm, and 7 nm in diameter, respectively. With a resolution comparable to that of TEM and the ease and speed of flow cytometric analysis, nFCM provides quantitative physical (size, particle concentration) and biochemical characterization of single nanoparticles demanded in life science, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, biopharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology. The research of our group interfaces with chemistry, biological and medical sciences, materials science, and instrumentation. We always have open positions for talented and self-motivated students and post doctors.